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i, bobby blue holliday are to humans, as healights are to a deer. distinct presence, powerfully rare aura, massive and unique personality are things i bestow

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one ov my ladies. she hasnt a name but her beauty is yet to be revealed for some reason, the stippling was timely

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this is my 1st dovahkiin bearing the dragonbane sword wearing next to nothing, if he only knew ov his power to be

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my behemoth

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my newest in armor...more to come in time. (shits expensive ya know)

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guiltius has die-cided to honor one who has left lore...

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my daughter kaitlyn

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(dage wanted me to throw some ideas as to what "the guiltius" might be so...)

....Few know that without a doubt, Guiltius, is a walking contradiction. He didnt come into being what he is just through Dage the evil's assistance, he also went to Nulgath to obtain omnipotence as well, Nulgath, being the one who bound even Dage the evil himself by contract, Dage the evil became so enraged that one of his own would betray him. that he trapped the very soul of Guiltius into a mighty scimitar found by him (Dage) in the endless dunes of the sandsea and cursed his soul to have horrible endless nightmares that even you could never imagine mortal. Dage the evil uses the souls of those who rank in the Undead Legion to bring himself into being, so that he may rise once more from the Underworld depths. The soul of guiltius being in this weapon gives dage even more strength than before because of what was contracted from Nulgath and of Guiltius himself. When it is used as a weapon, the very Legionnaires under Dages command weild that very immense power as well, but at a price of their own sanity. What does this say of guiltius himself though? Some say he walks lore to this very day litterally torn between two juggernauts in their struggle for control over Lore. Is he just a walking soulless vessel? or was it all Guiltius' plan from the beginning to become truly immortal at such a horrid price? For if his soul is trapped within this weapon, what say you if he hid it somewhere secret and safe? Some say his body still remains in Lore, still being used by nulgath for nefarious deeds...

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(insert your decapitation joke here)

this is how i roll...

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i knocked the critical shit outta that undead.

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unique bridge jewelry, "i give you big googly anime eyez" dont try to figure out what color my eyes are, cause youll never guess lol

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these are my newest

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i had this glowbrush glitch happen the other day so i was stuck like this the entirety of my play time in lore. most awesome.

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