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I'm done. Now it's Pro's turn. Yes, she was good looking.

check it out: #winningthe36yearoldpissingmatch

Here's the reference book and were commenting on. Buy it. It's worth owning. #turf

perfect timing on your comment. Found this while dragging in TD sand this am. #details

what do you think about this?

Don't think for 1sec. that I wasn't the first one through this after I put it up. #actinglikeakid

What happens when you have a tiki bar, a river and some extra plastic? This is how to spend an afternoon off:

Another photo for your Sunday morning enjoyment. #photography

Looks like Anthracnose to me. #turf #photography

Looks like Anthracnose to me. #turf #photography

Here! Was just reading #Golfworld and saw this: a Rory Cupcake. will make these for #GIS12

First one of the year. Just in case is keeping track.

I 2nd that opinion.

thought you'd like this pic of your boy coachin'. Took it today.

Purdue guys: on my way home, and look where my wife drags me. #yesdear

Thanks to this group for a fun day of golf and business.

I think this says it all.

you liked my first bunker photo, how bout this design:

You wouldn't think this is Indiana, but it is.

What does a bunker inside another bunker look like? This: