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  • 1548 days ago via site
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Posted without comment.

  • 1552 days ago via site
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I propose scrapping National Standards for primary school children and enforcing them at the instead.

  • 1564 days ago via site
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Whereas it's wall-to-wall election coverage at , because Fairfax is all about quality journalism #rwc2011

  • 1568 days ago via site
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I *knew* this would be the day when the remembered we have an election in a month. Take a look: #rwc2011

  • 1568 days ago via site
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There is a national election in a month. Don't believe me? Just look at the homepage of our largest paper #rwc2011

  • 1569 days ago via site
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It's been 5 days of shocking stoner jokes. Here's David Parker presiding over the unfunniest with his dickish grin

  • 1597 days ago via site
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There can be no doubt about what the premiere event in Wellington this weekend is going to be.

  • 1609 days ago via site
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Outstanding! Somebody give Alasdair Thompson his own show.

  • 1693 days ago via site
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If the school had been poorer and browner we'd be lectured about dysfunctional families, not the demon drink, yes?

  • 1704 days ago via site
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The trouble with loan words.

  • 1733 days ago via site
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The earthquake as entertainment - way to stay classy, #nzherald.

  • 1796 days ago via site
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I'm afraid to ask: what did the 'bad kid' do, then?

  • 1799 days ago via site
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#nzherald homepage. Egypt matters only for journo and ex-all black caught in it-NZ media provincialism at its best

  • 1838 days ago via site
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Here's what those #dompost readers look like, btw. Wouldn't trust them to find New Zealand on a map of New Zealand

  • 1864 days ago via site
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"The Brittomart Accomodation", Britomart St., Wellington. It's a marvel they managed to spell "the" correctly.

  • 1865 days ago via site
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The food chain formerly known as SmugFuckers(TM)

  • 1866 days ago via site
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#nzherald misrepresents views of own columnist via selective quoting so as to fit the braying right-wing narrative

  • 1893 days ago via site
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All you need to know about #pikeriver if you're too busy to care, thanks to the #nzherald.

  • 1907 days ago via site
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A man is dead, the #nzherald makes a porno about it. All in a day's work for our paper of records.

  • 1989 days ago via site
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