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Nutella cures ventricular ruptures! #nutella #cure #cardiology

It's accurate. Trust me, I'm a scientician. #nerdjokes

Free medical advice. #trustme

Call now! #nerdjokes

Hey rich folks, you really don't know how good you've got it these days. #history #economics #taxes #1percent

Not anytime soon, I think...

Congrats, India!

This is exactly how chemistry works. Trust me, I'm a scientician!

This is how I imagine your nights. Heh, hater tears...

I volunteer as tribute!

This this this! As if we (scientists) don't have anything better to do!

If only! My cocoon is made of self-loathing, doubt, and pity!

Seen on the back of a microscope. I prefer to think of it as science, but to each their own!

Updating apps on my phone. I see what you did there google! #pi #yummy

Fields museum in Chicago. All I can think of is the movie Pacific Rim! #badscientist

Found internet objects. Heh, amusing if it weren't so true.

My nephew randomly put stickers on paper so I decided to make them say stuff. #badjokes #kidjokes

Purple gloves and purple mask. Diggin the color coordination. Less excited about working late...

Scary at how true this is... #venn

While I find no actual faults w/ this diagram, still not sure how I feel about the close association w/ TSA agents!

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