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Writer for Previously.TV, NYT Motherlode, Avidly, CNN's Eatocracy, Leite's Culinaria, Atlantic Wire. Author of Suffering Succotash

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What can Brown do for you? #HappyHalloween

  • 760 days ago via site
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You were so loved.

  • 805 days ago via site
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Edible love from Redwood City, CA to Boston, MA. Thanks for the good grub, .

  • 955 days ago via site
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Note that each piece is individual stamped with sexypants chalk name: Fulltouch. #chalktalk

  • 1011 days ago via site
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Through his chalk mule, Dr. M got his hands on some premium white stuff. #chalktalk

  • 1011 days ago via site
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Late to last night's comfort-me-with-cats party but here's Needles O'Shea being decidedly ungenteel.

  • 1014 days ago via site
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#UmichBBall is in my blood. Grandpa was on the 1926-1927 team.

  • 1024 days ago via site
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. Bug saw I was on your website and demanded "My big fruit book." Proof:

  • 1097 days ago via site
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Oh, my goodness, the most beautiful flowers from just arrived a day early for my birthday!

  • 1108 days ago via site
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I snowflaked a cobweb out of the silver curtain! Pretty proud of myself right now. Think I'll have more candy.

  • 1127 days ago via site
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OH MY GOD, MOM! Another celebratory surprise. TEAM SUFFERING SUCCOTASH!

  • 1197 days ago via site
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Brilliant celebratory cake from my favorite, . Thanks, mom -- succotash never looked so tasty!

  • 1197 days ago via site
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Front page of the Washington Post!

  • 1236 days ago via site
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And then this happened. (cc ) #flotus #sufferingsuccotash

  • 1239 days ago via site
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Pre-order a copy and you will be able to see your own beautiful face in a shiny, shiny book!

  • 1265 days ago via site
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There have been several, periodic times when I've said this but: Shit. Just. Got. Real! (They're SO SHINY!)

  • 1266 days ago via site
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It occurs to me I've been a little over ambitious with my nightstand reading.

  • 1286 days ago via site
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And then ' Messy finally arrived, and all other plans for the night went out the window.

  • 1287 days ago via site
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My galleys sort of make it look like I wrote a Springer yellow book. Mathra should be scared.

  • 1336 days ago via site
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I mean, it's true I bit Bug's cheek once. But I made him. I'm allowed to nosh.

  • 1417 days ago via site
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