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Must be a random bug. Looks good here:

DF Readers by nation over the last month:

One of the funniest one-two tweet punches in history:

Nolan Ryan, looking forward to game seven:

Nolan Ryan enjoying the bottom of the ninth:

No iPhone 4S's left at Philly Apple Store. "Reserve today, pick up tomorrow."

Always Watching

Quick sketch of Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone display sizes:

Sprint ad on back cover of the new Rolling Stone:

"Bacon" = real bacon in Montreal. Fuckin-A right.

I answer email:

I get email:

What is it like to root for a team that, once in a while, wears clown costumes?

Totally figured out whose hair Donald Trump delusionally thinks his looks like:

"I hope you don't ask everyone you meet which way my peter teeters." —Artie

Morty? Dave. You watching this piece of crap? This guy's making us all look bad.


"I already had my lunch. I had a ham and bourbon samich." —Artie

TV in a luxury hotel suite, 1974:

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