Kansas State alumnus. Movie watcher & Record spinner. Baseball fan (Royals & Cubs) Ex-Chicagoan. Ex-Michigander. Once called the Mingus of Twitter.

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This is what I’m talking about. Watching movies while other people sleep >>>

Worth a four hour drive

don’t look now, but the Michigan trip is back in consideration.

Picked this up at the library but the disc looks like 5th graders played kickball with it.

Failed prospect that hurt me the worst: Corey Patterson. Still the only jersey I own. #cubscantmissprospectgraveyard

Oh, and while we’re strolling through the #cubscantmissprospectgraveyard let’s not forget about Kevin Orie.

Brooks Kieschnick #neverforget #cubscantmissprospectgraveyard

I adore those movies. Movie snobs aren’t always the bad guy.

Megan’s bear watches baseball sometimes

I’ve had that 10 key since college. Wouldn’t know what to do without it.

Oh man, last night. Here’s an apology in the form of a cheese stick.

Hey check out this dog’s name

What the hell is Super HD, ? You can’t just make stuff up.

probably can’t see in this pic but the ppl in the row in front of us have a 6yo and an actual baby FML

32,000 RTs is pretty impressive.

Snow shovel is still inside

I feel like it’s ok to tweet May snow pictures.

he’s pitching like a man who’s pitching like a man that wants a contract at the end of the year

Hot damn, what a mailday. #vinyl