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Received roughly 175 1976 Topps in the mail today. Time to go through and cut my wantlist down. Should be < 100 now.


I don’t have Varitek in my list anymore… so maybe? Probably means I was supposed to send you something?

you guys ever feel like your transactions are single-handedly keeping the post office alive?

MT : Prepare to be letdown w/ “major signing” Twins fans. Remember, the Royals major signing was Jason Vargas.

So much win

it’s not cold. As long as the sun is out everything is fine.

Wish it went back further than 1,000 tweets. That’s a slow week for me

I love that this is a thing that happened and then was instantly deleted. You’re the best coffee dad,

Feel like this picture encapsulates everything loves.

does it make me less of a nerd if I’m the 69th highest rated player in the baseball category?

RT : Tim Duffy, eh? #Royals

this is pretty cool

I’m twelve.

RT : 73 yards?

thanks to , here’s the list of 2008 Topps Silks I still need.

did you guys go to the same Catching Fire screening? That was eerie.

Received two of the most ambitious films ever made in the mail today.

Me taking a picture of taking a picture of ‘Hi Twitter’

I still have this that needs to be sent to you