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XIV sharecount good indication that vol sellers are retreating

12ml 2012-today. if neutral policy FF=25bp then fair 12ml=~85

CPI-adj W5000. Q2 feels like a bloodbath, but it really isn't

there's no answers in yields. same 13wk 20bp range. it's noise.

Spain housing txns. Despite seasonal MoM bump, YoY sickly -27%

Not encouraging. (total return of NBI, $IBB's benchmark index)

YoY % change of 365d SMA of federal income tax withholding

Spain housing txns still trending neg. Heyyo 7% transaction tax

its quite impressive

China YoY% Rates of Growth {ECWB P 532229EF047005AC<Go>}

W: RUB Total Return; Y: USD Total Return; G: USD Price $MICEX

$MICEX -9.2%

Mexico Construction Spending - Buildings YoY % change

RTY 1122 is the level to watch. if we close below, bad news

Spain house transactions down 15.9% YoY. 2nd lowest total in 7y

the actual 10y real rate

W5000 float as % of total cap. any1 have a narrative for trend?

Mexico IMEF (Non-)Manufacturing surveys :(

GC and SI deflated with PCE. haven't posted this in a while

aussie payroll tax w/h (up to Q2) has been struggling