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I am a progressive activist, writer and musician. I also make music with @Sister_Soleil

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Here's another great example of the terrible tyranny you've brought to our attention


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This is is real screenshot of tonight's actual projected windchills here in #Chicago


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Remember, the #GOP has no problem with "redistribution" as long as it's flowing upward.

#P2 #UniteBlue

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The Right Wing approach to education.

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Santa prefers the cookies from Colorado and Washington State...

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People savaging A&E suspension of asshole employee also say Hobby Lobby should control employee's birth control.

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A map of U.S. bases within striking distance of Iran.

They are not even a regional existential threat.


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Dude, you're hilarious but I suspect it was unintentional ->

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Dear #TeaParty

You are pissed at the wrong people.

Do the math.

#p2 #tcot

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You can't pull yourself up buy your bootstraps when you have nothing left to eat but your boots.

#UniteBlue #p2

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Lubbock is flat. The earth is not. Will Texas textbooks teach the difference?

#StandUp4Science #Education

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THIS is the result when you go to Google and type "GOP is" in the search line.

#UniteBlue #P2 #tlot #tcot

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"War on Drugs" = MORE drugs

"War on Terror" = MORE terrorists

Hmm... when does the "War on Jobs" start?


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What has two thumbs and just cost us $24 BILLION?

This Guy -> #TeaParty #Shutdown Man.


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After the #TeaParty #Shutdown, the words "fiscal" and "conservative" should never be used together again.


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In dramatic statement, President agrees to give up Obamacare and go with the Affordable Care Act instead.


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So... Those 3 couples Hannity had on to share their #ACA "horror stories?"

ALL three LIED -> http://bit.ly/H1pmIE

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Great Moments In Republican Rebranding

#TeaParty Hijacks Veteran's Protest Edition

#Shutdown #DebtLimit #WTF

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Post #shutdown Gallup:

GOP favorable at 28%,
lowest ever for any party

29% of Americans believe in Bigfoot


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I hate when my cat gets into the psychedelics...

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