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SVP digital strategy at @webershandwick | @wsmpls, music blogger at @perfectporridge, founder @smshepherds, citizen journalist, father of 3

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There are not enough plugins in my room #sxsw

Another day. Another dollar. Batman got to get paid, son.

Someone's very excited I'm home. :)

Items I just pulled out of the subwoofer of my stereo system

Minnesotan heaven. #ragansm

LTC Morton from illustrates the opportunity in the deep end of the pool. #ragansm

LTC Morton presents lessons from #ragansm

First Astronaut to check in from space, #ragansm

The view from the #ragansm conference. UNLV's student plaza. Gorgeous.

Dam it, Batman. That's a big dam.

How accurate are car thermometers?

Another beautiful, sunny, -13 degree Minnesota morning

The minister at this funeral knows how to make balloon animals. So great.

Holy cheeseballs

Look, it's to the 2nd power!

Holy snow-covered Manhattan, Batman!

Nearly every flight out of LGA is cancelled. One runway open.

Tuesday morning White Stripes (turn it up)

Moustache Sunday