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These are jokes and sardonic observations that I come up with in the bathroom. UNLV. MIS. Analyst. Ulcerative Colitis. ~~that's the rest.

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after all these calculations, still only 1 star.

ba DA da DA bada da, This is the story ::sssssskkkkk:: of how I met your mother. #darthSaget

with the dumb baby

yummy mass murdering. cc:

No Facebook, stop suggesting games. Is there a way to block the people who play them and everything they do.Haha

wrote an article. He is terrible at math.

Should be in a children's book.

every conversation with


The Hobbit in 48 fps. That movie theatre is going to smell so bad. Like Axe Body Spray and loneliness.

I feel like I have done this to

those pesky moon dikes. That sounds 1000x more offensive that it is. #grail #nasa

going to buy this, #jesusFish

No known predators.

haha BFM.

haha BFM.

I would go to IHOP everyday if they had these. Strawberry syrup would make them more life like.

Haha, this was as a kid.

I found . #stalker

No, JK. Fuck that guy.