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Just another Saturday night in the station

First the Olympics end, now this is happening. My soul can't take any more hits this week

I absolutely LOVE John & Chanda's pics of Callie. But I can't help but think they accidentally left her at a Papa Gino's


Ahhhh....teen love at it's apex

Helping her practice her "friend zone" face.

Because Sundays were meant for throwin' bags and eating longan

This is my dance y'all, Humpty Hump's my name.

My cousin's 5 year old got this giant b-day cake. Poor kid thinks my drunk ass will let it survive until breakfast

"Where did you get that Matisse and the hand-woven oriental?" "Parking lot on rt 9, bro!"

Slaters gonna slate

Summer in New England. Get some.

My Saturday morning. I should probably focus more on treating my patients instead of photographing them

but would you buy these?

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