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have you come across this error with deetector?

click the cog… apply to enclosed items…

"Testing for Internet Explorer
just got a little easier" - I'd say a 'tincy wincy' bit at best.

a tip… Never 'Sync iTunes Library' or this will happen and removing albums is a slow and tedious exercise

you guys may want to update your twitter password - looks like it has been hacked.

Hit the cog in the developer tools and it is the last option on the bottom left under 'General'

no go… You didn't download the beta by accident?

no go… You didn't download the beta by accident?

ah! the 'New Ticket' link is wrong … #eecms

Are the new #eecms support plans operational?

yep.. create them in the CP then you can override in your config file

any chance of a quick update to support the new Sydney S3 data centre for Channel Images ? 'southeast-2'

search scopes are good too.

I generally just search via 'find', then you can hit 'fn" and then 'Browse with Alfred'

like so… then just rename to whatever you want and update your system path in index.php/admin.php etc

that is the path variable to Alfred. Set the script as an action. Find the folder, hit FN on keyboard

If you use google apps / gmail and want to link to a specific email in a GTD app or something else, get link from this.

Crazy Friday night happening right now.

tiny bug: Grid within a grid 'Add row' on the outer grid dupes the same number of inner grid rows above

bam 1.3!