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Yea it's that time

. has an open invitation for gingerbread house craft day any time

I'm digging the new 5K Led lights I put in the kitchen ... All that bulb changing deserves a reward

I think just wants me to bake him a cake

Spotted at gas station Delorean

Screw the ravioli & red sauce I went off the page

Ok what's with badges at SES NY it's like book I have to wear around my neck as punishment I have to mcguyvyver mine

So I've pulled 6 tiles off the wall and nearly slit my wrist "cleaning up" #goodday

I'm on my third drink of the day

no lie this is gift and hangs in my kitchen

hmm google+ brand pages look kinda meh on iPhone much better on laptop

Ready to start the floor cc:

This mornings shower music cc: ... No this is girl talk (ducks & runs)

Marry the night

Taking shower

Look at that compound anglular tile cuts bitchez cc: #wheresmymanpointsdammit

Stepping on one of these with no shoes almost as painful as a Lego (it's a tile spacer)

Wow iPad auto correct I don't even know where to start cc:

Can we stop with the damn micro fonts already or at least offer a mobile version

Trouble making is like fighting for truth & justice it never takes a vacation even in the Bahamas