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romwe is having a fashion blogger competition! :D enter here! http://j.mp/RQQXyg

these :)

how about this one? :D

here's my signature! :D still need to find you a good JD!

here's a side by side photo of mine & his! that was the photo of his hand i took with me 2 the studio! :)

here you go! :D

how about one of these? :)

we made it to instagram's popular page with the mary jane rose leggings! <3

you NEED these! if i knew your size i would have bought them
for you!

here you go!

a fellow doldrums fan! :D i even got his autograph!

and this one

and this one!

i was hoping you'd tweet me again! here are the photos! :D

saw an ian mcshane autographed photo and it made me think of you!

your adorable ootd made it to instagram's popular page! :D

for your reference ;) hope it's not too late!

this is the swamp challenge!

to make up for it i'll let you in on a little *secret* these are the next shoes i'm unboxing! :D

page 315! the 'oh, you pretty things' shoot! so lovely!