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I'm not sure what this is gunna do to me, it sounds like a party... here goes!

Question: What separates you & me from becoming the next Britney Spears? Answer: A five dollar-bill.

Has everybody calculated their water intake goals for the day? Good. Glad we're all on the same page.

Weddings are the BEST place to pick-up hot chix, just FYI.

We've sampled 49 shades of grey & 37 shades of gray. How do we know when we find "the one?" (//)

Well, this is just sad... my "Motivational Playlist" is dead to me.

Yah gotta demo before you reno:

Fits like an old glove, an old glove made of hair that I used to wear on my head.

I'm not really sure what's going on here, but I want everyone to know that I had NOTHING to do w/it!

It's not a wrecking ball, my tongue isn't out, I'm not naked, I'm not crying & I don't have tan-lines, but...

RT Congrats on ur new home, any pix? - Thx! Here's a pic of me napping in it today!

I've never been SO excited 2 slice strawberries & emo-spatulate, it's like Christmas morning! Thx !

A step in2 adulthood; I put a downpayment on a condo & became a homeowner today! is gunna decorate!

Lulu's journal entry on "Stripes The Tiger," I helped...a little. Her classmates entries R gunna suck SO SO bad!

. made me a homemade cauliflower crust pizza tonite & used REAL cauliflower! LOOK, low-carb pizza!

Here's a picture of holding my caulk.

And I only had to eat 6 (stolen PeiWei) fortune cookies 2 find it!

Will whomever painted this for me please please stand-up?! PLEASE stand-up!?

Will whomever painted this for me please please stand-up?! PLEASE stand-up!?

My mind was blown tonight when I was introduced to the Munchkin Kitty; they're actually supposed to look like that!