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Refridgerators are made to display art like this.

Tried this Whole Foods Cocktail; now I feel like puking up an entire farmer's market.

Birthday Selfies:

Proof that I can disconnect the family toilet. (I'm the man, I'm the man... yes I am) -

My friend sent me this on HER birthday last week! She also recently won the "Nicest Band Member" award.

Should prolly chill on the rough-housing with Marilyn... my Freddy KruegKitty.

I have guitars laying around my room, Lulu has dolls laying around her''s perfectly normal & not creepy at all.

The Valentine's Day Box... it's a cupcake, a Valentine Cupcake. The tutu has no purpose.

She just volume swelled right into bed with me.

Welp, it wasn't easy, but I made it. Happy Sober Anniversary, self. You're welcome.

Many thanks 2 4 providing me w/the musical masterpiece that brought tones 2 the last nite!

// & Grant selfie from last nite; she only let me post the foto w/this filter on it...4 some reason.

Santa Shopica w/ this afternoon, & our matching hats!

Ah, I feel whole again. My nose has a nice ring to it.

Just painted this decorative toy guitar for my collage wall; thinking of today!

We have a new "Fox In Socks" record; sadly, shattered my 8min record... I wasn't really trying tho.

Lulu got a library card today, she kindly let me rent a book on gardening.

RT how is Bruce doing? - B-ruce is chillin on my wall, finally.

I'm REAL insecure about my artistic ability, but everyone on Twitter is always nice... so, whaddayawl think of this?

Couples Hairdo Day w/ at !