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Great show Philly! And at twMike from 's request. Here's the pic from CRS!

I think I'm gonna bring a new toy to the Philly show this evening.

Just got rained on, hailed on, and soaked to the bone! Don't jog if you think a Thunderstorm is in the area = wet.

I was TOTALLY kidding about that last Tweet! Here's the REAL deal: another hero of mine, SRV.

Please help this cause: (thanks to for the correction)

I really need to get into our bus's back lounge...but isn't letting me get past her.

I too am a fan of the "Cinnimon Toast Crunch." However, this morning, THIS is what I call a "Hearty Starter."

Downside: There's a family of sick birds living at the airport. Upside: From far away it looks like leopard print.

Well, well, well... lookie who I ran into!? My face is gone. It's been rocked off and eBay has already sold out of faces. Ugh!

Um. I don't know if mine can fit?

The REAL post-show "afterparty" was actually at the park in downtown Melbourne where we fed wild Possums!! The are SO cute!!

Thank YOU Laura for these AWESOME pictures you drew of us!!

Life is beautiful.

This new iPhone picture app. is killer! "Hipstamatic." It makes everyone look WAY cooler than they really are!

Life is tough...ok, not really. But, I'm still gonna let 2 lovely ladies give me a mani/pedi. God Bless America!

You know you're in LA when you look like this and everybody still stares at you like you're not worthy to be in their presence.

There's something a little strange & unsettling with "Hot Topic" selling Brad Paisley & Keith Urban swag.

An all night guitar-a-thon is never fully dressed without a Redbull!!

The newest member of the G. Mickelson guitar family. I went to Cali, fell in love, & now we're moving in together!!

NAMM: Day #1. Almost complete. Guitar gear nerds unite!! Ugh. I want this soo bad!!