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I'm just a normal tiny elephant running around in the purple rain, got a problem with that?

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#MyFaceWhen I realize that I'm going to miss Ari's livechat

Wow... I can't believe I found an ugly pic of Ari. She looks... Ugh.

Ari always keeps us updated with adorable & funny pics on instagram. ♥ :{)

Ari's first word was 'bubble'. How cute is that? It sounds so... bubbly. ♥

Okay. I just can't describe how I love these two people. ♥

I just love this friendship. Liz & Ari are both so beautiful and talented. ♥

The sun is shining! Loving this weather.. ♥

Every time Ariana is on stage, she gives her all and just sings her heart out. She was meant to be a star. ♥

Finally home after a looooong day.... :*


This is how it looks like where I am right now. Ahhh, omg the alps are amazing. ♥

I love this picture of Ari because it reminds me of how far she's come. And she's absolutely gorgeous. ♥

here's your icon! Hope you like it! ♥

Painted my nails, hehe. What do you think? ;] ♥

My new BG on my phone. Loving this friendship. :{) & are so talented.

At school... Trololololo. ♥


It's snowing!!! ♥

Ashdysahgsdgbd at school...

Isn't this just so cute? I'm going to give it to my 7 year old cousin for her birthday. ♥

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