Greenpeace Esperanza


The Esperanza is in the Arctic to bear witness the the gamble big oil is taking with this fragile and pristine environment. We have to stop the Arctic oil rush!

Photos and Videos by @gp_espy

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PIC: Greenpeace climbers arrive at Cairn Energy's deepwater drilling rig #beyondoil

LIVE ACTION: Greenpeace inflatables returning to the Esperanza after dropping off 4 activists on a deepwater drilling rig in the Arctic.

LIVE ACTION: Greenpeace activists scale Arctic deepwater drilling rig. Get updates #beyondoil

PIC: Greenpeace is taking peaceful action against deepwater drilling in the Arctic. Inflatable heading towards Cairn Energy rig with climbers.

PIC: Anais prepares Cairn Energy's logo alongside new slogans suggested by our supporters for an iceberg projection

PIC: Projection of new Cairn Energy slogan "Defining stupid" - suggested by a supporter - on an iceberg last night #cairnslogan


PIC: This is what Arctic exploitation looks like. Two tug boats towing a massive iceberg away from a deepwater drilling ship.

PIC: Climate campaigner Leila Dean on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza. Read her latest blog from the Arctic:

PIC: Day 6. We're feeling a little lonely out here in the middle of Baffin Bay. We'd love to hear from you.

PIC: We're having a threesome in the Arctic. Want to join in?

A blog from the fog. Anais writes from the Esperanza in the Arctic. Read here:

Day 5 - We are still here with the Danish warship following us around near Cairn Energy's Arctic oil rig.

PIC: Iceberg near Cairn Energy's drilling sites off the coast of Greenland.

PIC: The Esperanza being shadowed by a police vessel as it protests Cairn Energy's drilling operation off the coast of Greenland

PIC: Sim, activist from the US, continues deck work - tackling rust onboard the Esperanza as Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling

PIC: Activist Helena, from Australia, continues deck work - tackling rust onboard the Esperanza as Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling

PIC: Activist Davison, from Brazil, carries on with deck work onboard the Esperanza as Greenpeace protests against Arctic drilling

PIC: Greenpeace activists investigate Cairn Energy's drilling operations off the coast of Greenland while being followed by a Danish warship

PIC: Jon, Greenpeace climate campaigner from Denmark, on board the Esperanza - enjoying a hot cup of tea on the bridge before starting work this morning