Greenpeace Esperanza


The Esperanza is in the Arctic to bear witness the the gamble big oil is taking with this fragile and pristine environment. We have to stop the Arctic oil rush!

Photos and Videos by @gp_espy

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PIC: Man over board drill. Jono and Nazareth launch the MOB boat during a safety drill on the Esperanza

PIC: Sunset on the Esperanza off the coast of Greenland

PIC: Pink mountains of Greenland at sunset. Tomorrow we will leave these waters and head out into the Atlantic again

PIC: Crew of the Esperanza call for justice today for two fellow activists in Japan known as the "Tokyo Two" #whaletrial verdict

PIC: Northern Lights above the Greenpeace ship Esperanza off the coast of Greenland tonight #beyondoil

PIC: Jens, Timo, Sim and Matteo - waiting to be deported from Greenland today - wearing clothes given to them by friends.

PIC: Timo from Finland sitting on a "portaledge" under Cairn's Stena Don rig this morning

PIC: Sim and Timo doing morning stretches suspended from the rig #beyondoil

PIC: Climbers wake up to a cold but sunny morning on the deepwater oil rig in the Arctic. They have been occupying it for nearly 30 hrs.

PIC: Night time shot of the oil rig in the Arctic where 4 Greenpeace climbers are currently trying to sleep in suspended tents #beyondoil

PIC: 4 climbers are still occupying Cairn's deepwater oil rig in the Arctic tonight after 15 hours of shutting it down. #beyondoil

PIC: We're keeping a watchful eye on our climbers from the bridge of the Esperanza. They are all doing fine. #beyondoil

PIC: Activists sleeping inside a tent underneath the deepwater oil rig owned by Cairn Energy off Greenland. #beyondoil

PIC: Greenpeace climbers drop a banner from the deepwater drilling rig in the Arctic after shutting it down #beyondoil

PIC: Captain and crew of the Esperanza keeping a watch on our climbers who are occupying Cairn Energy's deepwater drilling rig

PIC: Sim - climber from US, in a safety harness on Cairn Energy's Arctic oil rig with the Esperanza and Danish warship behind.

PIC: Sim, from the US, urges Cairn Energy to 'Go Beyond Oil' as he occupies their deepwater drilling rig in the Arctic with 3 other Greenpeace climbers.

LIVE: Sim from USA sets up an occupation platform on the Stena Don oil rig as other climbers scale the rig behind him. #beyondoil

LIVE ACTION: Image of Greenpeace activists setting up tents on Cairn's deepwater drilling rig in the Arctic. #beyondoil

PIC: Greenpeace climbers scaling Cairn Energy's Arctic drilling rig this morning. 4 climbers are now occupying the rig #beyondoil