Greenpeace Esperanza


The Esperanza is in the Arctic to bear witness the the gamble big oil is taking with this fragile and pristine environment. We have to stop the Arctic oil rush!

Photos and Videos by @gp_espy

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Pod boys Timo and Naz

Stunning picture by Will, our photographer, of the heavy sea, #pod and a lucky rainbow. #beyondoil

Leila making her way up into the pod

Day 3 of Go Beyond Oil occupation and we are greeted with a huge rainbow over the Stena Carron

Me, Leila, sorting our banner #beyondoil

Phil takes up residence with me in pod #beyondoil

Sheltering from the rain in the pod #beyondoil

With Phil watching from the safety boat, there's nothing to worry about #beyondoil

Birthday girl Leila is pod-bound. It could do with a snappy slogan though... #beyondoil

Victor descending so other climbers can occupy Chevron drill ship #beyondoil

After 30 hours, Anais comes down but occupation continues #beyondoil

The four happy pod riggers #beyondoil

Friendly rig workers looking down on the pod #beyondoil

Anais and Victor say "Go beyond oil, Chevron"

Finally, our climbers have a rest in their new home! #beyondoil

Attaching the survival pod to the Stena Carron

Put your slogan on our pod - see GPUK for details!

Very big ship being stopped by very tiny pod #beyondoil

Couple of seals check us out, just off-shore near Chevron drillship #beyondoil

Pod, we're lifting it higher and higher! #beyondoil