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bolo de fubá

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Então Emma Morley morre e tudo se desfaz...

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Obra de arte por Ana Flavia

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meu tenis sz

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pão de queijo

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tom and jerry

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on my tv sz

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ficou bom?

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how much do you "like" me?

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ficou boa minha juba

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olha a situacao da minha pessoa no momento

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First of all, I wanted to tell you that my English is not the best there is. So I apologize for any embarrassment. I never imagined myself feeling what I feel for you. Do you know? It is a different love. I am a fan of many things and many people but that I feel for you is difrente. Perhaps in the same proportion, but different. I keep thinking about your hug or to talk to you personally what I feel. The whole time I'm thinking of you. All the time, you are in my thoughts. I dream with you and when I wake up you're one of the first people to invade my thoughts. My greatest desire is to go running around the world and get to you, wherever you are. I never saw anyone feel what I feel. Honestly, it's something new to me. This sentiment. These tears of happiness and pain that invade my face. Pain, yes, it can not be with you is very painful. But, it's great to have you. Feeling what I feel. Dream with your hug. And one day I'll realize. You wait for me? Will be there with open arms and with a smiling in your face when I can get to you? I hope so, because I love you, so much, and this is my biggest dream. So, Gwyneth, All these words are to say I love you with everything I have and everything I am and I'll be there for you, I'll love you, always. I promise you eternal love. And I miss you, even having never met you. Kisses from your Brazilian fan, Paula Sousa.

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A famosa "Sapolândia", perto da minha casa, que era um clube da minha cidade. Meus pais dizem que era ótimo essa época, que foi a melhor época da cidade. Queria ter vivido nesse tempo.

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Angelina Jolie nos Trendings Brasileiros

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olha o que aparece

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Louis é meu par perfeito!

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