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the Spanish version of "The Goon" is "El Bruto". I love that.


Holy shit! Just got advance copy of Fancy Pants 3! It's thick! ... That's what she said!

Today I was going to post pieces I had done inspired by Frazetta and then realized I would be posting all day. So here's just one.

Yay! The rain finally stopped!

And it's still raining...

And happy bday Keekle! You know how I know you're gay? You have a penis bday cake.

Not good. Flooding going on out here. I can't see my driveway.

Minus doors, seat, floorpan, gastank, and squirrel shit.

I can't believe I let this boy have a crow bar.

It had a squirrel living in it.

Boys and I started tearing down the 39 Chevy.

Still fuming over the rankings. Heaven help whoever plays Nashville the rest of this season. My lady is gonna kill you.

Last sketch

Second sketch of the day.

First con sketch of the day.

What the he'll do I do with this now? I don't want it on my shelf. Yeah, good luck selling the rapist action figure on eBay.

Finally got the 39 chevy in the garage... Still don't have time to work on it.

look at the shed, momma! 90% less rat shit!

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