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My friend’s 8-year-old just gave me this card. #subtle

Hey , you hit The Spot yet?? #whatthehellareyouwaitingfor

This girl thinks is nice.

College Football Saturday with

Current Status. ()

The only acceptable “Hey, look at MY family stickers” #marvel

The new #NFL Play60 playground at Freedom Park is very cool. #clt

Hey #postlabordayfashionrules, you are not the boss of me!

Patrick Henry preaching liberty. Sing it, brother. #williamsburg

And my urge to Terry Tate Elmo reaches its zenith.

Just me and tonight. #singlekidparentshaveiteasy

After two weeks “in the wild” the prodigal cat returneth. (He is, understandably, hungry.)

I’ve been memorialized by Thornhill (our old ‘hood). Yes, I cried.

I hate people that take pictures if their food. Also, sausage dip.

It has begun.

This almost never happens.


“What's happening in this drawing, Lily?”
“I am giving you a gift.”

Current status. #itisSTILLraining

Dive bar #3, not so divey.