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Mama Baillie just handed me this. #lmao

Awww, 's littlest is so freaking CUTE. #melt


Naturally, on the day I need to make the back road trek to Waterloo...

Love. :)

This is what happens at the Granite #curling club for the Silverbroom spiel.

Escape artists. The damn cage was locked!!

It's a gaggle of goalies!

The ad in WWF says "Chai Chai Tea". So, I guess it's really really really tea. Or "tea tea tea".

Drawing for 5. #curling


Fancy. LMAO! #martini

Mimosas + hockey = #WINNING

A little after-hockey vodka...

"Lego Harry Potter" for the DS is a part of the curriculum goals and will help my child succeed.

I was wondering why he was so quiet...

Jack Cox running the ON flag, followed by random NS fan with her flag. #brier

Don Cherry action figure!

Look, it's the Brier Bear!