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OMG! stop it really! Google Reader too?? Can't a girl just get her PhotoshopDisasters fix peacefully??

is invading my Tumblr!!!

Considering I only have one set of eyes, guess it's time to stop.. (cc )

Super Junior = Super Skinny. My arm = one of their legs.

and !

Oooh AIS 3G in Hua Hin. Why not Bangkok may I ask??

Do you like my new tshirt?

Picking up my that made me buy from . I better come out looking like this!

look what I found at the cafeteria morning. Small pack though. How many you want?

What does Unsecured Call mean on an iPhone??

Someone stole my idea!

There you are!

Guilty Pleasure Obsession #2 after The O.C., before Glee. (cc )

Most awesomest musical. And with that let's put this in the DVD player.

I may torrent but when I really like something, I give my support ok? That's good right?

OMG I miss them so much (cc ) found these while ransacking thru the mess in my bedroom at home.

Is it almost 6pm already?

Vitamilk is too sweet. This is what I have discovered. Sold at Emporium and Isetan.

Facetiming with and showing them my new Anastasia'd eyebrows.

Look what you did