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D/L a issue on the Kindle to see what it's like. iPad still wins for mags & papers. Books? Kindle all the way.

Me me me! See I was there! Thanks Amb. for noticing! Haha.

Something to show you madame :)

Let's play Photo Hunt! Where's Ches??

iPhoto doesn't recognize my iPhone. On iOS 5 Beta 5. Who else got this prob???

OS X Lion has a stupid looking Thai font! (screen grab from FB)

Quick snap with

Why the heck is my Google+ in Thai???

look look new collection!

there's a booklet.

Yay my first mail and look what it is!

WTF Facebook, seriously? You've failed me a lot lately.

Great Find of the Day: HM King's composition by US Air Force Band from 1971 (cc )

WTF Facebook!!!

why did you have to remind me??

Wow you can define any word on Mobile Safari! This new?? With #iOS5 ??

But right now listening to Eliza Doolittle dancing all night.

Great find of the day: Jazz History 10 LPs Boxset. Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman & more.

Wow. 1960s girls are real loud screamers. They scream throughout the whole song! Listen to the music women!

My new tshirt from the States! #gleek