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So I'm a Lebowski, and you're a Lebowski, that's terrific. Unapologetic Apple fan boy, amateur gardener, and I am off my meds, enough said.

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hey man, need some cilantro? And when I say "hey man" I mean hey yankee.

Fortunately I was not the droid they were looking for... #starwars

Lmfao! Swag from the past...CD Now was gonna make me Oprah rich! 4 level #fail

I know you are team Mazda, but this is one badass car...

you got out just in time bro (Cedar Park).

Local folks, HEB now has Myers Lemons in stock. If you love citrus, they are incredibly tasty. #iwin

Doing my part to #keep #austin #weird - I can haz your leaves?! Yes! #compost I *could* rake leaves in my yard...nah.

You're nothing but cabbage!

lololol #notspam

check that shit out. Pic to left (and main) in ground. Right, in buckets.

#hookem in space.

It's over?

I'd be all over this if I could get 40mpg. #pimpemhorns

Nach-o ordinary truck #ricos #winning

keep your wife away from the yarn. Lisa took the day off yesterday for a #yarn #crawl lol.

know anything about this place? Lisa got a pamphlet... On a #yarn #crawl

Bell Pepper grown from a self watering bucket (5 gal). If plants can make it through summer, early fall = big harvest.

#hookem Big Bertha.

Dude who is posing spotted "passed out cold dude" from a block away, "take my pic w/him baby!". So I did too...

Stay strong, and keep that pick handy.

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