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Finished rehearsals today. First day of 3-day studio shoot tomorrow. #ITCrowd

One of my fave moments!

The King Of Londinius! #ITCrowd

Yup. Them were the days.

There he is now, yer only man. #ITCrowd

Here we go! #ITCrowd

First, all white dog shit disappears. Then, this. Just sayin'.

Enjoyable fact, Buzzfeed! Thanks! Thanks a lot!

Holy shit. Was just walking along and I saw them

Good luck tonight to my darling ! Please give generously!

This jumped out at me from the OMD piece. Remind me why this system was so great again?

Berliners! What's going on here exactly?

Although The Resistance featured this card. Don't worry, I'm sure no-one's seen The Lives of Others! Or its poster!

Been playing a lot of Qwirkle with the family. Simple to learn, surprisingly deep, RECCOMENDERED

my old neighbour. Owners of a 1st floor flat lost a cat after a week, replaced it with this

(also, this is the one that attacked my dog every time we passed him on the street)

case in point, this dog.

About to impersonate a fish for Count Arthur

After his disastrous TV interview yesterday, Boris quickly embarks on a damage limitation exercise.

- my son's drawing of your Iron Giant, hanging in a local WH Smiths