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My Mendel has a heated bed now too. Next: Print geared extruder to replace the finicky direct-drive one #reprap

gado gado

Drive-by visit at Linuxwochen Linz on the way home.

Tiredly roaming the streets of Salzburg before meeting friends for what will (hopefully) be a slow evening.

Yay, first test/calibration object printed on my RepRap Mendel! Still lots to do...

...and it works very well. I let it munch through a couple of metres of ABS, no problems at all. Very neat.

Made a threaded pulley for my Mendel extruder. Will it be the magic bullet against all extruder woes? Testing...

Yay, now the extruder noodles like in a pro evo match!

Tweaking the thermistor settings for my Mendel extruder. I don't trust anyone, let alone datasheets. #reprap

Unexpectedly finished the *scariest* Mendel step successfully: Cutting splines into the extruder stepper shaft!

Weee, Floyd, the funky floor man, loves you!

Prototyping some sparkly new electronic gimmicks at Vienna's, ahem, atomic institute?

And this is what it looks like right now #reprap

Owing to , I now have two sets of Mendel sheets. Will sleep over the decision b/w milky white, brown or mix.