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I know you covet my vintage cuddling owls bookends... :)

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Fun fact... #kettlebells are also aesthetically pleasing, and fit my home decor. More reasons:

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Someone was chiding their mother for picking out the same plates I have from Williams Sonoma - saying they were being "boring" with that selection. I was all too amused since I own the exact same plates, and was in there picking up the matching mugs. I've been called many things but never boring. Her adult daughter needs to realize that not everything in this world has to be covered in hot pink sprinkles or confetti. Sometimes an understated design on a high quality item is more than adequate... Seriously... Do we have to over embellish and "bling out" everything?! No thanks! :)

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You need to warn people that your Kalbi steak tips are highly addictive - another salad feature..

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Proof... I wore makeup.... for video food cooking purposes... hahahahah!

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The venerable Abraxas Books of Daytona Beach, FL Went there today, was so the right thing to do. TREASURES!

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Going Primal at the neighborhood bbq... who needs buns? Ended up eating 2 of these... 4 burger patties total. LOL

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Time to get OVERCLOCKED next 48hrs brought to you by #grassfed #beef & SHEER WILL

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Perhaps I did put too much ghost pepper hot sauce in this... Pinhead seems to be daunted! Glass of milk?

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1 Min 1-arm 1-leg planks: good for you good for your 1960s not quite square Afghan rug, Beat that, Martha Stewart!

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Who's Cobra Commander NOW?! Nice lady at Markdown Mary's Winter Park practically paid me to get it out of her sight

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Epic #omelet variant number 699: Sunday #Bacon, dandelion greens chopped fine, 3 local eggs, goat cheese, broiled on top...

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...and I got my hair done today - took this very silly "MySpace" style goofball picture. Mei at Floyd's RULES!

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Aforementioned buffalo sirloin steak, Sunday Bacon, Brussels Sprouts... yeah I like it rare...

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with bacon this yummy who needs bread and mayo? #primal #paleo #BLT Delicious snack!

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Local Grass fed #lamb shanks and necks with Penzey's Turkish Seasoning stewed in the crockpot #primal #paleo yum

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#primal #paleo ghost pepper pulled pork video coming soon... it will hurt you, but you might like it like that?

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And this is what we do at home alone... #dragonflags for the win and to confuse the dog!

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Today's mid-morning meal: Fennel #bacon and Eggs recipe and instructions here:

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Lunch Salad: shredded red cabbage, roast golden beets, avocado, tomato, grassfed beef, feta, Russian deli carrots

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