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a toast 4 the deuchebags!other for scumbags.

Let's have a toast for the deuchebags,a toast for the scumbags..

I want to be here right now. #Sardinia(italy)

I'd like 2 send my condolences.#Rip2TheCompetition love u well says cohiba!

Ohhh maybe y'all think it aint my picture let me add my face.

#fresh out the shower..about to go club. Hold on realized I don't have £pounds only $..

Getting this and will wear it tomorrow..@ #danecia's b-day party...if u aint #Fresh u aint competing

New grand theft game cover.(Nigerian)have a look lol #whotoldyou #alliwant #dontarguejustacceptit

Lol nijja's killin the game...

#Patron Coconut.told u I'm killing the competition.go drink #Cuca #Nocal(no beef lol)

A female friend sent that and told me that's what may happens to u if u cheat.

Meet me here tonight if u want a #free dinner

#Ratchness kept on a 100m

Had a chance to see drew and she disapointed me. She actually look like a hippie


Let's start wit friday noon sushi.shall we?. #Remenber #bloodmary will soon come.*kanye shrug*

Here comes another. Take that have that. (Diddy's voice)

Wow still laughin at how that n*gga cloned courtesy of #stella..look at that.

See how this negro mix his emotions wit #stella just to get to u?

me and this homeboy were suppose to meet here :: and he tells everybody I was late.

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