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เล่มนี้ "ชะนีกรี๊ด" จริงๆนะ ทั้งอินสตาแกรม ทั้งเฟซบุคว่าแล้วก็อยากจุ๊บแก้มขอบคุณโจเซฟที่ช่วยเพิ่มยอดขาย 555

My favorite photo of the three people who make vampire stories worth telling. #waitingsucks #trueblood

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ไปถอย Dictionary Oxford River Books มา น้องพิมเปิดมาเจอคำนี้ แปลได้อารมณ์มากค่ะอาจารย์ 555

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Working on a paper can never get more emotional than this. #BrokebackMountain brings back so many memories.

  • 844 days ago via site
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Diagon Alley set at Leavesden Studio. Definitely a place to go before I die.

  • 849 days ago via site
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Surprise surprise. I chose #Bioscope over Mark Twain. His short story has been left untouched all day.

  • 889 days ago via site
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Last exam tomorrow. #TheSocialNetwork is on HBO and I simply cannot watching even the forth time around.

Just by looking at this pile of sheet from 19C American Literature, I'm exhausted alrd! May the force be with me.

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"Happiness lies in knowing that life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement. Your CV is not your life."

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The ad that changed my life.

  • 909 days ago via site
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New #BubbleTea at Terminal 21, Kamu. Love the aroma and the price. Feeling like doing another round-up.

  • 923 days ago via site
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Just saw #TheHobbit trailer & loved it. Cant help thinking how adorable Bilbo would be, if McAvoy got the role.

  • 934 days ago via site
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I thought I've said goodbye to Mr.Emerson for good but apparently I was wrong.

  • 936 days ago via site
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Gatsby and Daisy strolling in West Egg. Can't wait to see his famous smile and her "full of money" voice :)

  • 965 days ago via site
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I saw this book at Kinokuniya CTW today and I trembled with joy! A birthday present maybe? #HarryPotterFromPagetoScreen

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Sipping hot coffee on a cool day somehow reminds me of last October at Doi Tung. Best time ever!

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I seriously need a copy of the latest issue . Thrilled.

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Home-cooked noodle soup with meat and fish balls. Yummy. #EnjoyingLittleThings

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Guess who I ran into at CU's flood relief station today. It's the one and only ! Suay bao bao :D

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Watching Billy Elliot again made me realize how cute the young was. Never get bored of this movie!

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