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#RattPack Boii. A philosopher in optimism. [Insert lame quote here.]

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So #Poked

So much shwag. Not enought ties though. Aha #Class #OhImFancyHuh?

This tweet goes out to every female that never gave me a chance to see who I was and just shot me down in the past.

Made my day though #Slammed

Im so funny.

Gilly's world. Yup I sleep like I rent this place aha, I do it for my ratchet back.

Mobbin in my s10 and Nike's. #Chevy. The Heartbeat of MERICA!!!

This meme ahaha.

Bored. Whose ready for that holiday spirit?

I'm so fucking cool. #Revolution

I made a G.

Nice aha

I make Andy feel young.

Jackpot! #TwitterAfterDark

Instead of dreaming I'm scetching a dream. Looking #HellaFlush ha, first time I draw in a while.

I feel badass with this technology on my knee.

"Ditty yup yup" haha

That's my motto betchu didn't know tho.

This is how most of you feel when you get RT'ed or get a lot of likes.

Gamefly mistakenly sent me a game sleeve. Gonna send it back right thing to do. A good excuse to go out & drive.

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