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I once mixed a martini in my mouth.

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"So what exactly do you cunts sell here, anyway?"

Department of Terrible Business Names

Every time that cocktwister Clive Palmer claims to be in politics for the good of others, note this extortion.

Got peckish, made cookies.

Baked fresh. Complete with oozy cheese filling.

Mini loaf ready to bake and eat with pumpkin soup.

"Can someone get me job number for this?"

I put a disc in there 20 minutes ago. She's waiting patiently to pounce in case it pops back out.

Yeah. I cook good.

BIG AL or BI GAL? Ah, sweet mystery.

“And then I tightened my grip around the homeless man’s throat and said ‘Get a fucking job, hobo.’”

It’s hard to stand on a crowded train platform and not freak out after recently watching lots of Walking Dead.


Bonus pano

So long, Hanoi

This beautiful country is rich with ancient culture and proud history.

So I bought a stubby holder.

Aggressive mars, a tense angle to unpredictable Uranus, yanks your chain. #fiftyshadeofhoroscopes


leadership issues

it’s a good Bloody Mary. off to a great start!