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sometime giggler for H&A, writer, voiceover guru & the mr miyagi of button pushers to the karate kid that is cackling jack...giggle on, giggle off...etc.

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Oprah & Keshaaaaaaaaaaaaa

just hanging out with Justin Beiber

the star party is about 2 inspiration the result #NedFlanders...can't stop hehe-ing

welcome to #fallscreek is sunny & bright & it seriously needs to get its snow on more cos I wanna frolic in snow flakes

great to see you again yesterday & in answer to ur question...this is my stink or at least 1 of them hehe

pretty proud of my wax job's after 6pm & these circles haven't drooped...I am a ninja of face furniture hehe

yeah cos when I see a nerd the first compulsion I have is to ask them 'who are you?' & laugh at them while quoting famous theories

this has gotta be a star wars geeks wet dream friggen clever

ok now we're on this's like drinking adult lolly water...gurgle hehe

welcome to the start of my weekend woo hoo...make sure you have fun now ok hehe

um Ham the Internet misses you so it's putting on it's sexy face & luring u in with this...

um yum...just hoovered a serve of rawsagne & raw carrot cake...I know right...who knew they were both gonna be so yummy

this is some seriously nuggety bread...think it comes out the other end pretty nuggety too...but soooo friggen delicious

's brain hurts so I gave him a special transformers bandaid...ouchy wah wah

behold it in all it's brightly coloured but frustratingly small for adults glory...

Oi street artist stop copying me hehe

It's totes Indy style but in dark blue RT : "It's not a man purse, it's a satchel. Indiana Jones has one."

Whoops I officially have way too many hats, beanies & well as a scarf & an umbr-ella-ella-ella in my bag

I really hope when it comes time for them to shop for the replacement letter they don't go with O hehe

What's that Skip? You look like shit but you taste like curry...good one skippy woo har har you're