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sometime giggler for H&A, writer, voiceover guru & the mr miyagi of button pushers to the karate kid that is cackling jack...giggle on, giggle off...etc.

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Here's a better pic honey RT : I can still taste the sherry on my lips...Thanks !! #Amazeballs


so this is 90c & it's tasting pretty fucken sensational with vodka...go figure hehe

not getting out of bed or up & about till 2pm today means this is my bacon & eggs hehe friggen yum & AMAZEBALLS

delicious nonna made treat w/ my coffee...if you snogged me right now you'd find vanilla bean crème patisserie in my mo...YUM

This is full pov cupboard food...kanga bangers sweetcorn rice with & a leftover KFC gravy sauce stirred thru...its YUM!

um to the waitress with this ring...if u should lose ur fingers or tire of this bauble I WANT IT hehe

u can't make friends w/ salad but u can still interact w/ them & have a yum time 4 b'fast hoovering

here's the burn Will inflicted on Woody 2 prove butter doesn't help burns ouchy

deep fried squid tentacles are my crack hehe

my dad is the bestest dad EVER love you so much Graham you are the most AMAZING person & I am truly blessed

RT : This should get a hashtag, it's too cool. #iftwitterexistedinthe60s #betterhashtagneeded :D

RT : Happy twitterbirthday! Your tweets are very awesome. Please stay on Twitter forever, thank you! :)

RT : WTF? How come you get anniversary niceties? Ive been on here over 2 1/2 yrs and nothing!!

RT : Bit of spare time on your hands?

RT : Just realised I'm 1 follower off 1500 (help a brother out?)

RT : Okay, this is going to sound a little weird but I LOVE your handwriting!

RT : Getting ready to eat my bodyweight in chilli AGAIN at #ColonelTans , you know what I'm talking about!

RT : Happy 1 year Twitter'versary ;) lol

mmmm breakfast with at #BorschVodkaAndTears...yumso