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sometime giggler for H&A, writer, voiceover guru & the mr miyagi of button pushers to the karate kid that is cackling jack...giggle on, giggle off...etc.

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meh this passionfruit vodka & soda isn't helping my hangover so I'm gonna use it to swallow some panadol rapid instead

I refuse to order it until they start doing a beer battered pork belly cos this seems a bit light weight hehe

Petrón is my bittttyyyy or I'm doing it wrong hehe

how to ruin a perfectly good VO script...or proof I should bin the gum rather than try & save it...doh hehe

cheers to my fave for getting me the good rock my world hotness hehe

before & after...taaa bought 2 centre stage...wait 4 the reviews etc.

this is Ben..he's an artist...he let Lauren & I sit at his table & entertained us with his mad drawing skills...respect

here kitty spring in Melbourne...bliss

chalky borsch vodka & tears

this portable air conditioner @ work looks all the more lovable with a smiley face attached...thanks Mr Cool Robot hehe

dear every company that makes stuff...put my name on your shiny things & I'll will buy the shit out of it hehe it's mine so nerrrr

boo hoo that's sad what a legend u changed the way I & billions interact & live #RIPSteveJobs

insurance/petrol/parking/servicing/fines/dickheads oh & this is another reason why NOT having a car is the bestest

woody from found this on the street & now refuses to remove toddlers hat much or enormous head syndrome?

Not really #greenwithprojectilevomitting RT : get ready for awesome shorts today #greenwithenvy

isn't it just hehe

hehe I'm so proud of my best friend making his cameo in 's #RealSteel loves it hehe

Sunday on #austop20 we've got ur chance 2 win tix 2 #FallingAndFlying tour, the album & a meet & greet w/ ...noice

dear arty farty knickknack & bric-a-brac creator...I've got a brain semi for your curios on the wall

once upon a time losing a whisker didn't phase when I lose some of the scaffold from a curl I get all emo & shit hehe