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My nostalgia kick continues. Tweaking the edit while watching Richie and Eddie at their best.

Rewatching Peter Kay’s finest hour.

Happy to announce that YOU’RE NEXT is playing exclusively 20th September!

Tweaking the edit while finally getting round to watching the latest from Ricky Gervais, DEREK.

I’ve been in a pitch black room for weeks. This is who I am now…

So nice to know this is all that’s left to edit…. Until we start getting brutal with the tweaks that is :)

you should have taken this one…

after 2 days straight of filtering through footage & trying to find the edit - the Fishing Shack scene is done!

Hey thanks again for the Game of Death vinyl - finally got to listen to it! Awesome.

First spin for my recently purchased record player and it’s a genius piece of work…

Spider-Man flagrantly ignoring the health and safety at Cardiff Comic-con in Cardiff :)

Looking forward to this! Drinking Buddies on iTunes…eventually. Download faster :)

Blackfish just arrived in the mail, have a feeling this will be one to watch when I think I’m ready for it…

: Thought #Yourenext was excellent really enjoyed it had a cracking day and #catchup now Tweet my car!” ok

4th time watching You’re Next - this time spent it introducing the film to mates back home in UK.

Good times ahead.

So yesterday was pretty fucking amazing.

In the interests of playing nice and not being a dick, here’s a frame grab to tide you over… NSFW or kiddos!

This is the actual view from my hotel window. How can I focus on editing w/such magnificence clawing at my attention…