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Oh, now this is handy... 

  • 1682 days ago via Spaz
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In theory, this new-found knowledge should let me post screenshots directly from the device. Let's see... 

  • 1711 days ago via Spaz
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On the plus side, the marquee now lights up. Unlike the US version, this turns out to have a nice simple pygmy bulb.

It lives!

The new shiny for the coffee table I don't have.

The new shiny for the coffee table I don't have.

True, but it does come with gadgets included...

  • 1850 days ago via site
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My highlight of the Gadget Show Live 2011 - a full-scale working replica of the Adam West-era Batmobile.

  • 1850 days ago via site
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An early birthday present from my mum - a real Zippo! Hooray!

Looks like has caught the attention of the crowd - his talk is packed...

My bathroom sink's got a gert impact crack in it. I'm hoping a repair kit'll fix it, 'cos sinks are expensive...

  • 1876 days ago via site
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I'm still getting errors uploading PDF files from 64-bit Firefox on Linux - Chromium works fine.

  • 1877 days ago via site
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It's at times like this when I wish I had a slightly faster Internet connection...

  • 1878 days ago via site
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Playing with a new toy - and, I have to say, first impressions are favourable.

Oh, and I captured this at Milton Keynes Coachway last night:

Horse products? In Lidl? I'm officially confused.

The Jericho has a bit of an owie after its fall... :(

Now taking bets on the crack in my (only pair of) glasses reaching the edge of the lens before I can get new ones.

Thanks to the delightful , I can now play Crazy Taxi the way it's meant to be played - at 60Hz.

I would appear to have bought a set of cheap plastic night-vision goggles. Whoops.