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  • 2424 days ago via api
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Suffering from Post-Lunchatic Stress Syndrom in Sozopol, Bulgaria

  • 2503 days ago via phone
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Lunch in Sozopol with view over the old town. Life could be worse.

  • 2503 days ago via phone
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Back in Switzerland, time to refill the bread storage. Above the home made hamburger buns for freezing, below the celebratory baguette for Swiss national day.

  • 2519 days ago via site
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Garlic bread fougasses, made from strong white flour with a dough enriched by butter, mustard, garlic and chopped fresh rosemary. Ready for being finished off by a nice roasting on the barbecue.

  • 2548 days ago via site
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Was considering to use Flickr as alternative photo sharing facility for microblogging. This does not inspire confidence, though.

  • 2571 days ago via site
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Rolling out after tonight's spectacular landing in Zurich. Sunset, thunderstorm, rainbow and an eerie atmosphere.

  • 2572 days ago via site
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Freshly baked home made sour dough bread w/approximately 20% rye, 5% chardonnay grape powder & 75% strong white flour.

  • 2574 days ago via site
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A lively city quarter not unlike Paris was bulldozed for this. Although Wikipedia does not list this ( last night I learned that Ceauşescu came to Bucharest as a shoemaker. Had more people bought his shoes, maybe the little Paris in the

  • 2591 days ago via site
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RMS demonstrating his "four fantastic chopsticks" technique during dinner last night after introduction of the iUnika Libre UMPC, a.k.a. Gyy

  • 2599 days ago via site
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My depressive weather applet. Outside the sun is shining.

It has been showing pouring rain for the past days, as well. but the weather was mostly nice, warm, overall sunny with maybe a few drops in the afternoon, sometimes no rain at all.

  • 2601 days ago via site
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Scammers are getting more elaborate. Received this picture along with a "business plan" and other documentation. Unfortunately for him I am not interested in glass pearls.

  • 2604 days ago via site
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The big Sunday bake: Sour dough twisters, half-baked mini and micro baguettes (perfect for home made hot dog) made from beer poolish dough for freezing. All thanks to the books of Richard Bertinet (

  • 2609 days ago via site
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UN building, viewed from WIPO, old cafeteria, 13th floor.

  • 2611 days ago via site
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Not San Francisco, still #Lisbon. Back to #Zurich later, #Geneva tomorrow. #WIPO #CDIP/3 awaits.

  • 2616 days ago via api
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L:Esplanada da Graca,Lisbon,Portugal Won the luggage lottery this time, now enjoying snack, beer, view & conversation wi

  • 2618 days ago via api
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L:Fischmarkt,Hamburg,Germany The "countershot" to, by

  • 2622 days ago via site
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L:Jumbo,Dietlikon,ZH,CH Live enactment of #work #safety #fail

  • 2623 days ago via api
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Foto session with now over. Enjoying the #Hamburg #harbour view and spring sun.

  • 2625 days ago via api
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Dinner with a fantastic view at restaurant Süllberg in L:Blankenese,Hamburg,Germany. Love Hamburg spring.

  • 2629 days ago via api
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