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The NBC Universal #CES broadcast booth. (See you there in 2012!)

The obligatory G4 TV shot of the truck farm. #CES coverage begins tomorrow!

Happy end of 2010 from the beach!

I wasn't kidding about Crayola organizer on my Twitter bio. Mom found my old 64 pack of crans! :)

Didja know? 13 tiny screws hold the volume, mute, power & SIM switches + camera into an iPhone 3G.

Performing open heart surgery on an iPhone. Will she come back to life? Me thinks YES!

California now charges a premium for boxes over 12 inches while Texas is still 17". USPS increasing.

Um. Best. Sink. EVA! Its a friggin bird. I love birds. Do you?

Loving the sweet designs of and want an on-site assembled house in a box!

The rock star nano technologists from Phil's team. Go small or go home!

my boy Doug via with a full house & a bunch of newbies! Yeah for science!

William Henry pocket knife with a hand carved ivory skull. $2K. Perfect gift for an Eagle Scout! Ha!

Party saved! In and Out delivered. And too! (But not that way.)

Great party. But Wolfgang has made a total #friedfoodfail

Enjoying the sweet tastes of on Mission St art fest.

Costco is full of GIGANTIC killer Pumpkin Pies. #noms

You know that you are in Memphis when...

I'm filthy, dirty & excited to take a shower. Art and cars were amazing, RV is trashed. #burningman

I love this magnetic balls.... So versatile! #gnomedex

Leaving the IV labs with my brain on fire. This is their mosquito laser burner that works at 100ft.