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LOLing at the panel at #C2E2 in the Windy Second City!

Excited to stumble into scrappy #wipjam as it has the most energy of this huge #MWC2012 show.

Mozilla HTML5 session is packed and showing how Disney duplicated animation in early movies to leverage work. #MWC2012

Just watched another amazing live coding demo from at #MWC2012 hacking a karaoke phone app!

The Trump hotel Las Vegas has crappy meeting room furniture in its lobby bar. What gives Donald?

The Packers win the #superbowl and confetti envelops the field!

Glowing 1000 humans dancing + block heads at the #superbowl halftime show!

The halftime #superbowl light show. These outfits would be great for Burning Man!

Before the #superbowl on the 15 yard line in Dallas.

In the zone. Not in the #superbowl Deathstpar yet. Security line was worst eva!

The Square credit card reader in its perfect case, an Altoids tin!

Finally stopped snowing in Dallas. Now if only the streets were clear of the white mess. #superbowl

I'm amazed by the tourist fascination over this lame sign... 90210 maybe?

Sony Prototype 3D lenticular DVD portable player. 46" & 4K 56" non glasses 3D were awesome. #CES2011

LG's new concept Clothes Manager hangs your coats in a coffin and shakes the dust out of 'em.

LG forgot to add "Real-D" movie theaters to its just one pair of glasses messaging...

Pioneer is showing a RGB laser projected heads up vehicle display at #CES2011 and its neat-o!

Loving the specs of the Asus 121U 12" Tablet running Windows 64 bit and 4GB of RAM w/64GB for $1099!

G4 TV about to go live from the #CES2011 - we've got some great gear, so tune in at 7pm!

#CES mobile fav Motorola Atrix 4G 2core 1GHz smart phone with a super thin docking keyboard + LCD.