Volkswagen owner. Island girl trapped in a working girls body. Raised on the East Coast. If I could wear a bikini everyday, I would.

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Whaaattttt?? #dennys

What a big mirror! AND they've got dumbells!! #besthotelgymever

#summerlove + #vw = #dublove(rs)


My dirty diesel is once again a clean diesel. So glad to see this combo again!! #tdi #vw

Here she is!

I make an appt @ the #vw dlr to fix 2 things that contribute to bad mpg, then this is how TDI responds

even my red TDI looks like a peep!

even my red TDI looks like a peep!

mine reads DER KORB. German for 'basket'.

Top- unprotected eye. Bottom- looking through a Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2 neutral grey glass lens. #wow #color

I can say for sure I've NEVER seen one of these. #corvette 1958?

It's at #SXSW. At Speakeasy 412 Congress

Bahahah too bad they're all polycarbonate so they have the highest distortion as is.

Spotted at Target. Something you'll never see in a Wal-Mart parking lot. #sanantonio #maserati

Zoom in on the wheels. I can't make this stuff up. #wheelscostmorethanthecarisworth

The speed limit on the fastest interstate in America. Hit it!

i got to see this #crossfox during my weekend travels. Had never seen one before. #texas #mexico

#nowplaying DJ down and ready for Spring Break 2013. Oh and this...