Volkswagen owner. Island girl trapped in a working girls body. Raised on the East Coast. If I could wear a bikini everyday, I would.

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Ugh. Bugs. You can't even see them until there are hundreds dead on the bumper. #houstontohelen

Oh hey there CEL. You're two days too late. #tdiproblems #houstontohelen

that bolt there (at end of my finger) on fuel pump was loose. >_<

Wheels are clean! #tdi #houstontohelen

Proof that its been a rough week. Look for me at #sowo #tdiproblems #eag #HoustontoHelen

THIS is what it's supposed to look like. The EGR was just a slice of the real problem.

2012 EOS Komfort

nor am I. Buuuttt recently it'd have been nice to put the top down. and the color...

My Monday. Splendid. #vw #tdi

Poor little guy. No feet on his legs!! Tough Houston life for a pigeon.

Please, just stop. Oh, Texas.

Really regretting not packing my bikini this weekend...

Sunday Aloha Funday!

Hotel cardio [I don't use no damn machines, hunny]

Woo!! Brewer featured in the 20/20 magazine for March!! #exploremore

Who ok'd this job? AND it's for a child. Wide, much.


Babies, passed out waiting for the doctor! They've had quite the day!

Huge thanks to the sponsors for our SOWO tees! #texas #europeanag #sowo

Never thought I'd hear a trance version of "California Love". It's happening though!!