Volkswagen owner. Island girl trapped in a working girls body. Raised on the East Coast. If I could wear a bikini everyday, I would.

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Firefighters on the overpass at 45N/HollowTree exit. All lights flashing for fire chief going home today

I think this sums it up.

LOLOLOLOLOL thumbs up, broski!

This is what you call a non-driver. #fromminnesota #somehowendedupinsouthTexas #idiot

Whaddup 90k club? #VW #TDI

7 cars in drive thru haven't moved for 20 minutes. Car in front is having RX filled while we all wait.

Who thought this was a good combination? These wheels are terrible on this car... Maybe I'm used to seein dat chrome, yo

That late night cruise home. Windows down, on. #mk6 #vw

Tell me what you think this looks like #houston? Oh, yes! Near the house too!! #spring

I've never seen something so stupid in my life. #miata #atavwshownoless #whothoughtthiswascooltoeidearoundwith

. It's Hump Day. Good effort but this is the only hump I'm taking a picture of!

. it's Sept 18th, 2013 #h2oi #captainobvious #yourewelcome

How have I never tried this?!?!?? #jif #chocolatesilk

The Cabrio perhaps?? Hook me up, I'm coming from Texas this year!!! Woo!! #h2oi

Pics for days!!! #h2Oi #mk6 #tdi

American vs. German #H2Oi

Is this SOB serious? I mean, really. All these spots and you wanna just half ass it next to me.

Just in case you couldn't read the Mercedes font, this guy pays over $150/year to write it just below in a Texas font

And I thought the Prius pandemic couldn't get any worse; I was proved wrong today.

these looming clouds are the culprits over Houston right now.