Volkswagen owner. Island girl trapped in a working girls body. Raised on the East Coast. If I could wear a bikini everyday, I would.

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Now THIS is a delivery!! #canam

Heyy!! Headed to Austin, TX for #sxsw. It's u and me in this car for another hour!

This damn Volkswagen! No bulbs are oily, why are you on?!? #vw

ha! Told ya!! Tag lights and city lights all working. This car... I love it. All I can do is laugh

This light just came on. Yet NO lights are out, high, lo, fog, signal, daytime. Ideas? #vw

playing hide and seek. They're really good at it as you can see!

This has affected my day so much. I'm not even sure who it was. It's the #vw family in me though. So sad. #abc13

This kind of thing kills me!

Love this! Stop waiting and stop rushing your time away.

So glad I'm not this person anymore.

When it starts o get serious. Milk, eggs, egg whites, tuna and more milk

Must suck to suck, bro. Who does this at an outdoor seating area no less. Those damn F-150's again

Spotted!! in Pasadena, TX!

Because Texas. Be jealous.

Let us know how that works out for you. T hese texans, I tell ya.

You're doing it wrong, bro. #hummer

Why does everyone stand up like this when the boarding door opens? Sit down. There are 200 seats to fill, chill out.

Hey champ! You've got two brake lights out. (How do people not know these things, or care?)

the last exit before he's home! 45N exit 68