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I am a model and I'm talented at parallel parking and making napkin roses, and hosting dinner parties, all very important things in life!

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Look at this hippie she's got her shoes off, and looks like she just came out of a drum circle

Look into my crystal ball

Guess where I am!

Busy responding to fee fan letter, it makes me happy

What do you think of this shot, it was one of my first as a model 6 years ago

Well I know what I'm wearing under my dress for the event tonight, just wish I could choose a dress!

Do you think this looks like me? Or do you agree that it looks like the asian version of me?

I've had a long day, I think I should treat myself to some new lingerie!

Don't you think my trainer is doing a great job?

The only hideous paper I could find haha oh well its better than using an exam pad

I would never leave a nice bike like this on the street, that's asking for it to be stolen

Look where I am

Todays #sigdybag swimsuit 4

Yesterdays #sigdybag swimsuit 3

What do u think of #swimsuit 2?

Swimsuit 1 from the goodie bag, photos a bit blurry but it IS a self portrait haha!

partys not the same with out you!

I'm surrounded by hotness, you should be here, neyos gonna play in a bit too

and me and looking sexy

Me and ready for our big night out in vegas!!!